Property Description



Storeroom A

Split into 3 separate storage areas all linked together as follows:

Storage area 1 measures 13.5m x 27.4m and has 3 separate entrances, of which 2 are roll up garage doors. A lot of natural light given by the windows all around. Has an enclosed corner office (4.3m x 4.1m) completed with pre-installed counters. The floors are cement and the roof is corrugated iron. Has a roll up garage door which can separate area 1 from 2. This space is also equipped with 3 fire extinguishers and 1 fire hose reel. 

Storage area 2 measures 13.2m x 27.4m and has its own garage door entrance. The floors are cement and the roof is corrugated iron. This area has 3 fire extinguishers and 1 fire hose reel. 

Storage area 3 measures 15m x 27.4m and has 2 separate entrances, 1 side door and 1 garage door. The floors are cement and the roof is corrugated iron. This area also contains an enclosed tiled area which is lockable and is tiled with a counter. This area has 4 fire extinguishers and 2 fire hose reels. 

Storeroom B

Contains warehouse space, three offices, two storage areas and a carport.

1st office measures 6m x 3.8m and has its own entrance with a door and 2 lockable security gates. This area contains four work areas with desks complete with cup-boards which are tiled and the office is carpeted at its entrance.

1st office has a door which leads into main warehouse/storage area and a side door leading to a 2nd office.

The 2nd office measures 4.4m x 4.1m and is carpeted with windows showing through to the 3rd office.

The 3rd office measures 3.4m x 3.4m and is carpeted.

Storeroom C

Contains two connected storage/workshop areas. 

There are entrances into each of the store rooms which have a lockable door in-between. 

The first storeroom measures 5.2m x 6.5m and has a cement floor with a corrugated iron roof. 

The second storeroom measures 4.4m x 4.2m, has a cement floor and cement roof. 

Adjacent to the Store C is a toilet that measures 6.3m x 3.1m which has two toilets and a sink. This area has tiled floors and a corrugated iron roof. 

All offices lead to main warehouse area which measures 34.7m x 16.5m, has a cement floor, corrugated iron roof and a fire hose reel. There is a lockable door and security gate leading to an outside passage and a separate toilet. This space also contains a separate wash up area measuring 3.8m x 4.2m next to the main roll up garage door. This area has its own garage door entrance leading to a separate storage/workshop area measuring 11.10m x 7.7m.

This storage area has its own garage door entrance leading to the outside under two carports measuring 7.2m x 8.9m. To the side, there is another garage door entrance which leads to a separate storage/office area measuring 9.5m x 7.2m.

Staff quarters

Contains three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, living area and a separate storage area. 

The house is built in an L-shape with all rooms linked together. From left to right, the layout of the house is as follows: 

The first room is a hallway and immediately next to it there is an enclosed bathroom con-taining a bath, sink and toilet and has a cement floor & prefab ceiling. 

The second room is a carpeted bedroom with a built-in vanity, pre-installed shelves and clothes hanger. 

The third room is a passage/living area which has a cement floor and prefab ceiling. This area connects the 1st bedroom to the kitchen. Adjacent to this room is another room which could be used for storage. That area has a paved floor with a corrugated iron roof that is enclosed by its own lockable security gate. 

Leading from the living area is the kitchen which has pre-installed counter tops, cup-boards, shelving and a sink with cupboards beneath. This area has linoleum flooring and a prefab roof. 

The kitchen leads to the second bedroom which is carpeted and has a prefab roof. This room has its own door to the outside with lockable security gate. This room connects to the second bathroom with a lockable door in-between. 

The 2nd bathroom has a shower, toilet and sink. The floor is tiled and the roof is corrugated iron. This leads to the 3rd bedroom with a lockable door in-between. 

The 3rd bedroom has a cement floor and prefab roof. This room also has its own door to the outside with a lockable security gate. 

The total area of the house measures 26.9m x 2.8m. 

Overall Property Features

Barbed wire all around the property with 2 lockable entrance points which both lead to Mannion road. 

Prepaid 3-phase electricity with prepaid meters in each building. 

There are two access points to the property. Convenient for loading and off - loading at premises.  The property is well situated for manufacturing, light industrial, motor repair and the recycling industry.


Property Details

Bloemfontein Central
Property Type
Erf Size
Improvement Size
± 2500 SQM



Price: R 8595000
City: East London
Contact: Rudi Herbst (082 695 6658)

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